My wedding that took place lately caused me to do this piece of writing. I had a guy just right for me and a ceremony just as I wanted. Hence I was feeling so nice and special.

My matrimony took place in a South Indian, Telugu manner. In order to drive away any hindrance and issues during my marriage, we initiated it by asking Lord Vinayaka for his blessings. Sarees are the most common outfit for a bride in the Indian custom. Hence I brought myself a ‘Kanchi Pattu’ saree.



Dressed in attires that have any tint of red or yellow and never black is assumed to be very lucky. The craving to loose a little weight before marriage makes women not eat properly, and sometimes not eat at all. A worn out face for the marriage and in the photos will be the result if one stops eating amidst the busy schedule. To have your food well and balanced is the best possible advise I can give you. In order to prevent the tight schedule from wearing you out always remember to have a lot of fluids like water and juices. I thought I landed at the wrong ceremony when I once went to attend a friend’s matrimony. My friend seemed to look so unusually strange due to a lot of make up. It is advisable to have light and neat makeup. Also do not forget to see a trial of the make up to be put before hand. Your look should be elegant and the best you have ever looked. It’s your marriage.

A wedding ceremony can never be complete without food. Around 15 principal dishes, 5 frills and starters is what makes a complete wedding presentation. The wedding spread mainly contains vegetarian delicacies and includes vegetable curries, dosa, rice biryani, etc.

Dessert and sweet dishes are also an important part of the wedding as they symbolize an auspicious occasion. Choices of sweets are quite wide and may include traditional indian sweets, like laddu, barfee etc. to mark the occasion. Mehendi Ceremony is catching up in every wedding nowadays, where intricate drawings with henna are done on the hands and legs of the bride. ‘Sangeet” or the song and dance programmes go on till early hours of the morning, where all are free to perform and enjoy.

Indian weddings are quite expensive as every detail is paid attention too and invites are many. The totality of the wedding celebrations is anywhere from a few days to one whole week. The cost of the pre-wedding events can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars; pre-wedding events are usually paid for by the bride’s family. If you would enjoy seeing examples of an Indian wedding, there are videos online.

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